What Does Structural Landscaping Mean?

Here’s What Professionals Mean by ‘Structural Landscaping’

If you’re considering hiring a professional landscaping company to rejuvenate your outdoor space, the team may have suggested structural landscaping. Not sure what that is? Let’s take a look at what structural landscaping Canberra means, what it typically includes, and the benefits it provides to your property.

What Is Structural Landscaping?

One of the first things to know is that landscaping is an umbrella term with different types. From hardscaping and softscaping to structural landscaping Canberra, each type plays a role in giving your outdoor space aesthetic and functional value.

Hardscaping involves building non-living elements using metal, concrete, or natural stone. In contrast, softscaping includes the living elements, like trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Landscaping Canberra

Hardscaping and softscaping deal with non-functional, purely ornamental structures and landscape features. Now the functional structures beyond the habitable building are structural landscaping. Some common examples include:

These structures are made from concrete, natural stone, or timber, and are used to hold soil in place, particularly on steep slopes. They help prevent soil erosion to protect the property’s foundation and structural integrity.

These are outdoor structures made using vertical pillars or posts, with an open lattice on top. They’re designed to shield you from outside weather without requiring you to leave the property. From an aesthetic standpoint, they act as a focal point in your garden or outdoor space.

Timber or composite decking can serve a number of functions, such as extending the living area of your home to offer an indoor-outdoor space. They’re also an alternative to stone-based patios and can improve the value of your property. With a deck, you can enjoy more time in your backyard without feeling like you’re stepping outside.

Adding concrete pavers beautifies your outdoor space and can withstand heavy loads. They’re also resistant to pests and harsh environmental conditions. They allow you to move through the outdoor space without trampling on the grass, making them a highly functional addition.

Water features like fountains or ponds make a great addition to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the sounds of flowing water

Once the landscaping team renovates your garden, your new plants and trees will need regular watering to thrive. However, it can be difficult for homeowners to stick to a specific watering schedule. To save you the hassle of getting up to water the plants, structural landscaping includes building irrigation systems for added convenience.

Other aspects of structural landscaping Canberra can include stone and rock benches that you can integrate into your plant-based landscaping. These permanent structures improve the appearance of your landscaping while adding usefulness.

Benefits of Structural Landscaping Canberra

Wondering if you should invest in structural landscaping for your property? Here are some of the benefits:

Building structures like decks and retaining walls helps increase the amount of functional space on your property. While being outdoors is enjoyable, you need to ensure that the space is usable, and that’s where structural landscaping comes in.

By adding more usable space to your backyard or garden, you successfully improve your property’s value. There’s nothing more appealing to potential buyers than additional space they can use for hosting guests, relaxing, or spending time with family.

When you have a deck, patio, or paving in place, it’s much more convenient to spend time outdoors. These designated areas allow you to set up furniture, while additions like irrigation systems prevent the need for a stressful watering schedule.

Without structural elements like pavers or retaining walls, soil can shift due to weather changes like heavy rain. By investing in structural landscaping, you can prevent soil erosion from weakening your property’s foundation and compromising its structural integrity.

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Structural Landscaping in Canberra

To sum it up, structural landscaping includes building any permanent, external structure apart from the habitable building. It typically includes projects such as retaining walls, pergolas, decking, fencing, and irrigation systems. The benefits of investing in these improvements is that they can increase the amount of functional space on your property, add value, and make it much more convenient to enjoy your outdoor space. They can even improve structural integrity by preventing soil erosion. If you’re considering hiring professionals for structural landscaping in Canberra, get in touch with our team today.

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