How Can Outdoor Living Spaces Contribute To The Comfort And Quality Of Life Of Canberra Homeowners

According to a 2019 study done by the University of Exeter Medical School, spending at least 120 minutes in nature per week can significantly boost health and well-being.

Outdoor spaces are more than just backyards or balconies – they’re the key to a better lifestyle. Outdoor living spaces offer fresh surroundings for families and friends to live, connect, and enjoy life. From outdoor fire pits to garden areas and outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces Canberra can be anything for you and your family.

Let’s see how you can practically use your outdoor space to improve your quality of life.

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5 Ways Outdoor Living Spaces Canberra Can Improve The Quality Of Life

When we say outdoor spaces improve the quality of life, we are talking about you, your family, and your friends’ lives. Not only does spending time outdoors help your physical health, but also significantly improves your mental health.

Here are some ways you can use your outdoor living spaces Canberra for something awesome.


An Excuse For Family Gatherings

Outdoor living spaces are more than just extensions of homes; they are like memory books for your family and friends. A good outdoor garden with comfortable seating, cosy lighting, and a BBQ sizzling in the background provides the perfect excuse for regular family gatherings.

From weekend brunches to evening get-togethers, the outdoor setting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating lasting memories with your friends and family.


Personalised Zen Space

A hectic day at work can quickly become even more hectic when you come home to more work without taking a break in between. Creating a personal zen haven in your outdoor space can be that break where you unwind after work and get some me-time before joining your family.

You can incorporate elements like meditation corners, soothing water features, and comfortable seating to create a relaxing space. This way, you can get a soothing therapy experience in your own backyard.


A Space For Gardening

You can transform your outdoor space into a small garden. Whether you’re into small potted plants and flowers or you’re a full-blown vegetable gardener, gardening in Canberra can really elevate your lifestyle.

This hobby allows you to take some time out from your daily routine and spend time growing something that is pleasant to the eye and useful for cooking. This activity can also bring the whole family together, so it’s a win-win whether you garden alone or with your family.


Way To Digital Detox

Tired of staying inside and using your phone but too lazy to dress up and go outside? An outdoor space in your backyard is the perfect fix for that. Set up a no-phone corner with comfy seating, books, some board games, and maybe a small coffee station.

Allow yourself to sit back, journal, sip coffee, and talk to friends without the interruption of screens. This is also a great way to fight any screen addiction and to rest your eyes for a bit.
This little screen-free retreat will let you take a breather, and you won’t even have to go out.


Improves Physical Health

Your home’s outdoor living spaces aren’t just for show – they’re your ticket to a healthier lifestyle. Turn your backyard into an active playground with space for yoga, workouts, or even a simple stroll. The fresh air and open surroundings make it easy to stay active.

From morning stretches to evening walks, integrating physical activity into your outdoor routine improves overall well-being. With a little effort and creativity, your outdoor space can become a personal gym, promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle for you and your family.

Create Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces Canberra With Landscaping

With these little practical tips, you can transform your backyard into an inviting space for your friends and family. Given Canberra’s pleasant weather conditions, we highly recommend spending some time outdoors alone or with friends to improve your mental and physical health.

To make your outdoor space more interesting, call our professional team members today, and we’ll be happy to transform your outdoor living spaces in Canberra however you please. From soft, practical turfs to beautiful landscaping, our team is trained and experienced to transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor space.

To transform your outdoor living spaces Canberra into a beautiful sanctuary, call us today!

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